Welcome to our farm

Hello and welcome to Stud Farm. My name is Suzanne and I run the farm with my husband Andrew and our two children. Stud Farm is a family run business stretching back over 100 years and we are continuing the tradition of rearing happy and well cared for livestock on our own farm, to produce high quality lamb, beef and pork that we sell direct to the public. Our lamb and beef freezer packs are a great and cost effective way of keeping a high quality selection of meats in your freezer.

"Not only do we breed our own livestock but we hang and butcher on site, allowing us the greatest of control over the quality of our end product."

Andrew follows on from his parents and ancestors who were all farmers, so he has a wealth of experience at his disposal. As for myself, I love farming as well as being a self confessed foodie, my ethos has always been to buy food that is locally produced and in season. I also take a keen interest in the background and production of the food that I eat as well.

Personally, I am particularly interested in methods of curing meat and in recent years I have studied the art of producing charcuterie which has included a trip to Tuscany to learn from the masters of the art. My dream of bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to Shenton is now becoming a reality as we have started to produce our own artisan charcuterie from meat that has been bred and reared on our farm.

Please call in to see us soon, our farm has a lovely atmosphere and is very family friendly.


The Clarke Family