Artisan Charcuterie

A Taste of the Mediterranean...
In Leicestershire!

The ancient art of Charcuterie became popular during the Roman Empire when cuisine started to become more sophisticated, however, it existed in some form from the start of human kind being a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration. Charcuterie is still produced today because the preservation process produces fantastic meat flavours.

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of British Charcuterie producers, proving that we are able to do it as well (and some may argue better) than our European neighbours. One reason that British charcuterie is becoming so popular is our use of traditional animal breeds. These take longer to mature than modern hybrid breeds, they hold less water, more fat and therefore more flavour resulting in fantastically good charcuterie.

Whilst there are a number of successful British charcuterie producers, at Stud Farm Meats we aim to go one better and make the promise that all the meat going into our charcuterie products has been bred and reared on our farm.

"We will be able to trace every salami, coppa, bresaola or air dried lamb loin back to the animal it came from and could even show you the field where it grazed."

We are absolutely passionate about producing the finest charcuterie packed with flavour and made using quality ingredients. Our aim is not to copy products made by our French, Spanish or Italian neighbours but to experiment with flavours and textures producing charcuterie which is truly unique to us.

Our current range of charcuterie comprises of the following:

Black Pepper & Garlic Salami

A tasty soft Italian style salami made using pork shoulder and flavoured with black pepper, garlic and red wine.  Perfect on a charcuterie platter, in sandwiches or salads.


A spicy air dried sausage cured in hot and smoked paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds and white wine.  Delicious eaten on its own or added to stews or pasta dishes. 

Stud Farm Bresaola

Topside of beef cured in black pepper, rosemary, thyme and juniper berries then air dried to mature.  Our Bresaola is made using beef from our herd of Longhorns which have been bred and reared at our farm in Shenton.  Perfect on a charcuterie platter, in sandwiches or salads.


The loin of the pig dry cured simply in black pepper then air dried to mature, producing a lean cut of meat.  Perfect on a charcuterie platter, in sandwiches or salads.


The neck muscle of the pig dry cured in rosemary, bay leaves and black pepper then air dried to mature.  Perfect on a charcuterie platter, in sandwiches or salads.


The leg of pork cured whole on the bone then air dried for up to 12 months to mature.  Eaten as it is, or try wrapping it round chicken or fish before cooking for a tasty meal.


Made with belly pork, our pancetta is dry cured in a sweet cure flavoured with black pepper, juniper berries and bay leaves, then air dried to mature.  Sold either as rashers or lardons, our pancetta is delicious added to casseroles, stews, bolognaises and pasta dishes.

Air Dried Lambs Loins

An unusual but popular product - the loins of the lamb cured in garlic, mint, rosemary and black pepper then air dried to mature producing an incredibly flavoursome product.  Made with lambs bred and reared at Stud Farm. 


A spicy air dried beef sausage cured in black pepper, smoked paprika, fennel seeds and cayenne pepper.  Can be eaten as it is, or makes a great topping for a pizza, or added to pasta dishes.

Our current range of charcuterie products can be purchased direct from us at Stud Farm - our shop is now open Friday and Saturday mornings from 9.00am - 1.00pm.  Or why not visit our stand at Burbage Market (1st Saturday of each month), Ashby Farmers Market (3rd Saturday of each month) or Market Bosworth Farmers Market (4th Sunday of each month).