The Animals of Stud Farm

All of the animals which go through our butchery have been bred and reared on our farm. The animals are grazed on mostly permanent pastures which are full of herbs and wild flowers. We apply minimal fertilizer to our grassland and prefer to maintain our grazing by rotation of stock. During the Winter months when the cattle do come inside they are fed on hay and silage made from our own grass, and feed produced with cereals grown on our farm. The straw which the animals are bedded down on is the bi product of the wheat and barley grown on the farm.

As far as possible we aim to be a totally in house producer of meat, and our food miles are near non existent!

Our herd of beef cattle includes a number of purebred longhorn cattle in addition to some Longhorn x Hereford cattle. Longhorn beef is well known for its marbling of fat through the meat which produces a fantastically tender end product.

Our sheep flock is largely made up of Dorset horn ewes and these are crossed with either a Charolais or Texel Tup which produces tasty, high quality meat.

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